17 April 2009

Banner image

These are photos of a very special granite rock, taken by me six years ago.
I cannot disclose the place where the rock is.

The third image was used (trimmed and stretched a bit) to produce the banner of "Monsalvarga - the novel" blog.

The mystery surrounding this rock is lost in time; the obvious explanation for its internal features - erosion by water - collide with its location: atop a hill in a highland area with no sea, lake or even a river nearby.

The strange display - like a cup upside down - goes against a "natural" placement, as its weight would most probably force it to be turned over its actual position.

Moreover, some of the holes carved on this rock look almost like perfect circles, as if a gigantic sand jet had "burned" tunnels into it, as shown in the last image.

This turned-over cup-like rock stands on several points of contact with the terrain (as seen in the 2nd and 3rd images - mind the plastic bag that some previous barbarian left behind...) and you can crawl underneath it and look at its disturbing inner features.

The incredible flow of forces that carved and shaped this big rock is precisely what I have in mind for the crucial element behind the original idea to write my novel.

A mystery to a mystery.

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