17 April 2009

Shifts on board the Namaste

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The crew on board Namaste lives according a shifts plan that translates several objectives and some worries too.

First objective is to have at least one of the Officers (the Commander or the 1st Officer) on his post; at any time, there's always someone in charge.

Second objective is to have at least two other crew members in "Task Period", so that no complex or heavy task becomes impossible to get done.

On the worries side, working and living as a couple on such a confined environment and for a long duration raises several questions.

As pregnancy in space has never been addressed (at least that we know of...) it is not desirable to deal with such a big question mark during a mission meant to take its crew to another planet, both because of the foetus' development and the inherent risks to a crew member, the mother.

Furthermore, to avoid a complete segregation among the crew (Indians vs. Brazilians), the task teams are not coincidental with the couples, having men and women in different shifts thus also keeping eventual jealousies aside (never a husband stays a Task Period alone with the other's wife).

The psychology behind such a mission must deal with highly trained professionals carrying with them the most primitive feelings and reactions.


Stanis said...

nice explanation here. it would be interesting, though, for an issue such as pregnancy aboard a spaceship to be dealt with! i see various problems though, how would the mother-to-be cope with morning-sickness, if it is possible in space! ah! am getting carried away. have a good day!

Monsal Varga said...

Let yourself be carried away :) that's what I intend people to do while they're confronted with my thoughts and ideas.

You're right, one of the most interesting and FUNDAMENTAL issues regarding space exploration (and humankind's destiny) is pregnancy outside the Earth.

I won't be dealing with it during space flight (I think I explained it already) but it's no secret that Chapter VIII - The Last Gandhi" indicates that pregnancy and birth will have a Martian approach. Say tuned :)

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